Setting RTL via Solex

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a short question to which I have not found the solution. searching on the net or here on the group

Often, using SOLEX, I need to vary the RTL quota because the scenarios are always different. How can I vary the RTL altitude (not necessarily during an automatic mission but also in free flight) without bringing the PC with me and entering to set parameters in Mission Planner or QGC?
I also find it a bit laborious and dangerous to enter Solex from Herelink to modify the parameters.
Of course, as far as I know Solex, it doesn’t seem that there is an icon that allows you to change the RTL altitude… is it correct or does it exist?
If it doesn’t exist, why not include it?


So you’re asking if there’s an explicit button or control to set the RTL altitude? Currently, there isn’t, but that sounds like a decent idea. I could add that as a feature if that’s what you’re referring to.


I responded before I actually looked into the issue in Solex. There is already an RTL altitude adjustment button there. In the flight screen, click “Controls”, and a panel will appear with a vertical set of icons. Click the “up arrow” one, and a dialog box will appear where you can set RTL altitude.


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Thanks Kelly… this is great news because Solex has always been my favorite app to use (together with Mission). But despite having read the manual, this information was missing

Thank you for the information

@kellyschrock … since we’re on the subject of Solex, I take the opportunity to ask you another question. While creating a mission with Mission, when I enter the speed in m/s it seems that it is always bound to the speed set in MissioPlanner. Let me explain better… if I have 5m/s in Mission Planner and set 7m/s on Mission, the speed will be 5m/s (that of MP)
It doesn’t seem to change the parameter. For me it is not a big problem because I almost always use the same speed but in cases where it is necessary to vary it and I don’t also have a PC with MP on board, I would have problems
Can you confirm this or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you