Setting up a Quadplane delay after landing

Trying to figure out how to mission plan a quadplane to land, delay, drop off a ball, then takeoff. I can set the Do_set_servo to drop the ball but can’t figure out the land, delay, takeoff part. Any help would be much appreciated.

I think Mission Planner is quite straight forward on setting the mission waypoints

Yes, for simple missions I would agree. Can you post an example of a quadplane mission that would do the following:

Vtol takeoff
Fly 3 waypoints
Vtol Land
Delay on ground 10 seconds
Drop cargo
Vtol takeoff
Fly 3 waypoints
Vtol land at different location


I didn’t try if these settings actually works.
You can learn more from the ardupilot wiki

The plane should disarm itself when it lands on the last waypoint, as mentioned here

At the moment, I have only seen one implementation as was described on Andrew’s tutorial on how to resume a mission after landing.
Advanced ArduPilot Mission Planning - continue after land - YouTube .
His approach is landing > disarm using an Aux function > delay > arm using Aux function > takeoff > continue.