Setting up Cube ID as Broadcast Module through Ardupilot

I’m looking to utilize a Cube ID (serial version) as a remote ID solution to fulfill the FAA Remote ID requirements under the Broadcast module definition. I’ve successfully gone through setting up my own branch of Ardupilot, enabling OpenDroneID, and can see the aircraft information being broadcasted when I check apps like Drone Scanner.

However, I am unable to find the correct location either in code or in Mission Planner to set the operator_location_type to 0, which triggers the OpenDroneID to use takeoff location as the operator location. As I am not using any form of GCS other than a basic transmitter, I cannot connect a GCS GPS to mission planner, and therefore currently cannot arm.

Is it possible to set the operator_location_type to 0 using the Cube ID (serial version) if so where in the Ardupilot directory would I need to add the code?

Flight contoller = MatekH743-bdshot