Setting up Next Vision TRIP2 and Colibri with Herelink

Hi All
I got my hands on a Colibri 1 with Trip 2 and would like to connect it with herelink for now for ground trial and later with the cube orange.

I have gone through few posts on the forum where there have been issues interfacing the trip 2 with the herelink. However i am in a funny situation, i dont have any experience with this system nor have i received any used guide on how to power this thing up and connect with herelink! I have emailed next vision to help me out but they havent responded back!

I really appreciate it if anyone in the forum could share a user guide for the trip 2 and colibri and guide me on how to make the connections, power it up and interface with herelink!

Thanks & Regards
Mohammed Naveed

Hey Mohammed, it s work with you or still not?