Show us what your Building


Show us what your Building for the Cube


This is my build that’s on the workbench 50cc 2.6m UAV

Looks little lost in that fuse


This is a very nice looking build!

My only concerns are how you are mounting the cube. Please remove the isolation mount you have there. Any vibration from the engine should be isolated at the engine.

Mounting a cube on that type of isolation mount will cause rotation when the unit is seeing lateral acceleration. Unless your logs show unacceptable levels of vibration, you should hard mount the cube.

Once you have some logs, let’s discuss mounting options


Thanks for the the input
yes i was not going to use that mount but it was stuck on cube from another plane in the first picture i had pulled it off



3D modeled, manufactured, and tested for RTK/PPK photogrammetric accuracy and 3-5.5 hours of endurance.


And tucked away inside there is a cube mini on a custom 3D printed mount!