SIK Radio 2.0 or 1.7?

So I have three radio sets.

3DR on 915 mhz and FW 1.9

RC Timer on 433 mhz and FW 1.9

“No Name” like pictured, V2:…try-radio.html

It is on 915 mhz and FW 1.7

Now here’s the rub.

The 1.7 connect to Cube and APM Clone just fine.

Neither of the 1.9 will.

The 1.9 Base will connect with 1.7 Rover. (The two 915’s) And it connects to Flight Controller.

I did one Base to 2.0 and it would not even link with Rover Modules.

The fail to communicate is not module-to-module, it won’t talk to the Flight Controller. I can get both screens full when Loading Settings in MP.

I tried all variations of swapping Tx/Rx.

I can’t find an FTDI adapter in my adapter drawer and until one arrives I cannot update the 1.9 Rover Modules. I dont want to mess with he 1.7 USB version just yet. I dont know if 2.0 will even work!

And I have trolled around for a HEX of 1.7. Closest I found was a link to an FTP but there is no obvious way to see if the file I want is there. There seems to be no obvious repository of FW versions to download for Manual Upload to Module.

Does anybody use 2.0 on SIK radios for Cube or APM?

Do you have a HEX of 1.7 firmware?