Siyi A8 mini camera to the Eth Airunit on Herelink v1.1

hi buddys :slightly_smiling_face:,

i am trying connect siyi A8 mini camera to the Eth Air unit port of v1.1. I have setup the camera in the HereLink RC via rtsp, and I can’t able to see the video in RTSP protocol.

Any suggestion I need to see the camera on the HereLink RC to setup the best video configuration.
How can we fix this?

Since SIYI A8 Mini camera comes with Micro HDMI Output Feature so it will easy to access directly to the Herelink Air Unit and A8 Mini.
There is no need to setup any RTSP address

Micro HDMI Output Feature there but herelink v1.1 support ethernet video transmission so iam trying out

What is the rtsp address you entered…the default A8mini ip is

hi, DDS, but have you tried and confirmed that Herelink works with Siyi A8 via HDMI?, thanks