Skydroid t10 + cubo orange problem

hello guys, all right, I’m having trouble installing a SKYDROID T10 control in my orange cube, I made the connections as instructed in the manual, but unfortunately the telemetry doesn’t work, just the video, and the radio system, someone had the problem with telemetry?

already tested on other controllers with arducopter, and working 100%

There is nothing specifically different to the telemetry on the Cube Orange than any of the others.

The only thing their is is built in ADSB in the carrier and it’s possible the hart beat for that could be being picked up by the T10.

I would suggest reaching out to them and getting some Support on their system. You could try disabling the ADSB to test on Serial 5 as well.

Other than that it should just work as it does with any other telem system.


I had it done 2 weeks ago with works plug and play i issue yet.

hi @Miroslav_Gucky I am facing same issue now. could you please help me with that.