Slow connection and no live values after passing ESC calibration


I have been busy with other things for some time. And now it am excited to get my first Ardupilot flying.
After passing all the steps with firmware, radio and so on down to ESC calibration. After the procedure The Cube need 2 minutes ± 10 sec to download parameters after connection to MP since boot up, every time. Seems to get the updated parameters after all.
But the live picture and values on the homepage does not update anymore. Restarted the computer and The cube, it did solve it once. But then it was also had to get connected at all. Sometimes like no connection in three attempts.

I did erase everything and restart from scratch, that does make the Cube respond well and load parameters in 15 sec again.

Weird behavior… But if I did skip normal ESC calibration, then everything works responsive and can proceed the installation.

That is strange.
Can you post a parameter file before and after this issue? Also a screenshot of the messages tab.
Maybe some errors are showing up (8.3 KB)

I am glad to return with all you asked for and also was able to replicate the error in a very “clean” way.

“Före igen.param” = before

It seems to not to be caused by ESC calibration. It is while power up at full throttle that makes the board read slow and stop to sending live values.

Disconnection in this order:
RC is on, leaving the throttle at the top.
Connected state in Mission Planner.
Press disconnect
Unplug USB
Wait 1.5 sec
Pluging USB back in
Pressing connect at 115200.

I did it 3x times same slow result.

Then 3x times identical procedures with throttle down. Fast connection.
Then 3x times identical procedures with throttle up. Slow connection.
Then 3x times identical procedures with throttle down. Fast connection.

Then one last try with throttle down and inverted throttle on the radio. Slow connection.

May this is just a safety function?

Futaba T8J and RC2008SB receiver @ SBUS.

@jschall? Ideas?