Solex feedback

I’ve been joyfully goofing around with Solex today (though have not flown yet).

I’m excited to play with it some more, but just some constructive feedback / issues I’ve noticed so far:

  • Documentation link on bottom right of main screen crashes Solex.
  • Address search functions don’t work, I type in an address/zip code/etc but it just doesn’t do anything (do have active WiFi connection to Internet) – this makes it so you can’t use the ‘Flying Locations’ feature at all.
  • The ‘Flying Locations’ screen seems to cause problems – sometimes its map gets stuck, and then if you navigate to the ‘Missions’ screen the map will be stuck there as well. Also sometimes if I go to other screens after the Flying Locations screen, the right two-thirds of the screen is stuck on what the ‘Flying Locations’ screen was showing there, and the map only displays/scrolls on the left third that was the ‘Places’ list on the Flying Locations screen.
  • Sometimes the Android app navigation buttons comes up and covers the left edge of the app interface instead of pushing it over – annoying because it blocks the controls underneath and no easy way to make it go away. The android app navigation bar in general is a nuisance… you often can’t make it go away, when it is on the screen it takes up space, sometimes covers app UI elements, is easy to inadvertently close the app, etc. I know this is Android behavior and may be difficult to change, but If if the Android App navigation buttons could be made to appear/disappear with a double click of the home button or something like that (and not appear otherwise), it would improve the experience a lot I think.

If there is a better place to report bugs and such, please point me there – I’m happy to help Herelink to keep improving.


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Thanks Matt, I’ll take a look at these issues, and ship fixes for them where applicable in the next update.


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