Solex function Suggestion: digital zoom

I’m using the Herelink with a rather wide angled FPV cam and was thinking occasionally It would be nice to have some magnification. I’ve been experimenting with different lenses. But now I had the idea that a hassle- and weigh-free way would be to have a button in Solex, that can crop the 1080p frame and display the center of it full screen. If the crop is about 720p size the quality should still be quite good and easy to display. So I would imagine a toggle switch that can be mapped to a button to switch between full feed view and cropped view. Just an idea.


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This is on a gopro-style camera, I take it? That’s not a bad idea. I’ll put it in the issue list and look into it.

Another thing worth mentioning: The next Solex update on HereLink (most likely this week) integrates AirCommander from AirPixel, so you can mount an AirCommander and supported camera and control zoom, aperture, ISO, etc from Solex. The list of cameras supported by AirPixel starts at “pricier than a gopro” and goes all the way up to “that camera costs HOW MUCH?”, which may be a deterrent for some. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking into this. Its good to see the pro-functionality implemented, but in my case its indeed for a FPV/Gopro cam (Hawkeye Firefly) since the copter is small and I want to maximize flight performance.

Speaking of issues I noticed when touching the video screen, the touch translates into a tilt movement of the mount. However the way it works seems not very inituitive: I touch the screen, depending on where I touch it the mountangle instanty jumps to a position that is not predictable and the angular range is fixed to 0-90 degrees. However the range of my servo mount is bigger +60 to -60 degrees.

I think it would be better if the initial touch point of the screen is taken as the zero-point corellationg to the current position of the mount. Then for each millimeter you swipe on the screen, the mount tilts one degree. Then the range doesent matter. That would be quite intuitive even without looking at the screen. Bsically like a track-pad moving the mouse-poiter on a laptop.

Then a pinch-in gesture could zoom in one step and pinch out gesture could zoom out one step :blush:

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Digital zoom would be very useful feature indeed. +1

Totally agree with tilt control UX improvement.
Also +1 for pinch digital zoom

+1 for Digital Zoom on Solex. Quite a handy feature for videography.