Solex Mission - how to upload

Good morning friends,

I don’t know where to post the question regarding the Solex app (with Mission extension) for Herelink so this Uncategorized seemed more correct to me.

I use Herelink with Cube Orange and I have a shared Android tablet in UDP

I create missions on Herelink but the display is small

I can edit them on a tablet but I don’t understand how to transfer them to Herelink or alternatively do the direct update on the UAV

Do you have any advice on this?
thank you

Hi, I can help.

Once you’ve created a mission, go into the flight screen and switch to the map view. On the left, you’ll see a “Layers” button. Click that and click “Missions” in the list. You should see that list expand to show the missions you’ve created. Click one of those, and a panel should appear in the bottom center of the map. Click “Send” and it will upload the mission to the vehicle.

hi Kelly

meanwhile, I want to congratulate the App which is really very well done
In fact, I hadn’t thought about this and focused on switching to radio control. On the other hand, everything is simpler … after being in “flight” mode I can launch it in the car both from the ground and after taking off

I could suggest creating a bar that “invites” the user to switch to “Fly” mode to continue managing the mission

Thanks again :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea, actually. At some point soon, I’m going to revamp that flow because it does make Missions kind of “hidden” and I’ve had that question asked before. I’ll make it more obvious as to how you can actually fly what you’ve made. :slight_smile: