Solex TX does not read parameters


I have got a new Herelink and installed the stable firmware and installed it on my VTOL. My FC is a Pixfalcon (Pixhawk compatible) running PX4 1.90.

With OGC everithing works fine. When I try Solex TX the Herelink connects, sais “reading vehicle parameters” and does not proceed.
The vehicle type is still “no vehicle”.

Does anybody have a hint, what I do wrong?

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@kellyschrock is their any issues with vtol specifically I’m not aware of ?

@MadRC there are none that I’m aware of. There is a setting in App Settings called “Use Cached Parameters” that, when turned on, refreshes parameters from the vehicle when it first connects, caches them, and doesn’t refresh them again for about 30 minutes if you connect again within that time and it’s the same vehicle. So if you want to refresh params every time you connect, you can turn that feature off. If you want to save some download time, you can turn it on. In either case, there is always some point where params are downloaded. That said, I don’t have a VTOL here to test with. I can’t think of any reason why it would fail to download params for VTOL and not for other vehicle types.

I now even tested to change the type of vehicle in the MAVLINK section of the PX4 firmware - still not loading the parameters, also it says “connected”.

It’s a pitty since the QGC screen is a bid overloaded for FPV flying on the small screen.

I tested now with Ardupilot FW - works. Reflashed PX4 - does not read parameters - inependent of the vehicle type. Does Solex have an issue with PX4?

I have this same problem…and couple more :frowning: GroundControl software read parameters fine but HereLink do nothing…I can wait 12 hours and nothing happen :frowning:

Px4 users may need to stick with QGC