Solex TX Survey


We have been using QGC so far and would be interested to go with Solex TX instead.

Having had a look at Solex’ survey functionality it seems that a camera type MUST be chosen from a predefined list in order to define the survey grid. Only based on that cam type and chosen overlaps etc. Solex sets up the grid.

But we want to set spacing, trigger distance etc. just all manually. QGC allows this manual setting of the grid.

Is this manual setting possible/hidden in Solex or likely to come with near future versions?


Thanks and Regards,


Hi Sven,

Currently the Survey mission-item type uses camera overlap and sidelap to determine how far apart to place the survey runs, and the camera trigger distance. There is also a “Grid” mission-item type that allows you to set run width manually, as well as turn margin, actions to run at each turn, turn speed, run speed, etc. It doesn’t handle the camera itself, but you can set a “Camera Trigger” action on it to specify trigger distance manually if you like. Let me know if this suits your needs and if not, I can most likely make something that does.


Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes. The “Grid” functions you mention would be more than enough. I think they are not available in the Solex version on my Herelink.

We do not need any action on the cam, as we just fly thermal cam nadir, no photos.

The possibility to rotate the entry point would be helpful.

The possibility to continue a mission from the last reached waypoint after battery change is important for us.

When running the mission the black window (with those buttons for start, land etc) is blocking a big area on the screen. Although it has an “X” to close in the upper right corner, it cannot be closed or minimized.

These were three wishes already :-). Whenever you find some time. Not urgent at all for us.



P.S. I would report some findings once I have done some more flights.