Solex update won’t install

Resurrecting an unused Herelink, updated the firmware, opened solex and downloaded update 1.2.2 (current 1.0.4) and it won’t install as there is a package with the same name. Android forums say uninstall the app before installing the new one. IF I uninstalled 1.0.4 how would I install 1.2.2?

Not an android guy I’m afraid.

Thanks in advance!

Have the same problem with two of mine. Posted the issue on the FB Cubepilot and Solex group’s a couple days ago. Haven’t heard anything back yet.

you need to clear all the caches on solex, in app settings

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Thanks for the instructions, but I get the following error

Yea, that’s the same issue I have on both of mine.
I don’t know if clearing the cache worked for Wayne but it didn’t work on mine. I even pulled the SD card out of one of them. Herelink update first then Solex update second and they were done on different days.
I even cleared the cache for theHerelink on one of them and nothing different.Any information I can give you let me know.

ok , the only way if factory reset then. to fix the signature on the package

Does that mean I’m going to have to start all over from scratch and need to use my pc??? That wasn’t any Fun the first time… thanks

I hope that’s not the case as well.

And what about the Air unit’s, have them on or off??? Will they need to get reset or ???

Just need to know if I’ll have to or be able to do the Air units or will I just need to bind them to the controller’s??? Thanks

Ok, ya don’t need to use a PC, ya need your product number and ya gotta rebind the Air units, clear cache, restart Herelink and update Solex. At least that’s what worked for me.

Thanks for the info. I will do that as well.

Thank for this guys. I’ve not had the chance to have another look but it seems there IS and answer to check out when I get the chance.