Solex video record too "fast"


my set up : wing mini drak
hawkeye firefly split cam

When solex video recording i get a fast video .
on qgroundcontrol the video is ok .
here is an exemple :


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It had been so long since the last time you flew it. Glad you’re back!
Was this video recorded by herelink streaming or onboard air unit or onboard camera?

hi Banme,
this is the herelink streaming .
i’m not so happy with the hawkeye split cam, i think that the problem is the cam
will try another !

I was planning to buy one before you report! But know I have to think again!
How does it work with QGC?
Has anyone tried firefly q6?
P/S: I dont really understand as you said that is video streaming recorded on herelink ground! The video seems that plays quicklier than normal but how did video displayed on the screen at that?
So I guess that it caused by herelink?

i’m not so happy with that cam because :

video quality is bad
the stream is not smooth
i put the cam on a servo and when i move the cam the image is bad.
a get a lot of jello.
… compared to the gopro 3.

on the screen it’s normal !
the registration is quicker only on solex.

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So bad hearing! How is the quality of video recorded onboard?

the video quality is good.
today i tried a gopro with solex and the registration is normal.
so it seems that the split cam is the problem…

but, the registration with the spit cam and qgroundcontrol is normal …

So it may be solex the problem !

Can someone confirm that video recording on the ground station SD card is now implemented in Solex?
Mine does not seem to create a video file. It has created a folder -
but its empty.
Also no stills saved anywhere.

on solex i’m unable to get a video on the sd card. I get it in “movies”
on qgoundcontrol i get the video on the sd card ( in qgroundcontrol folder)

i don’t know if you can change it… but it would be useful for the long range .


salut Pascal, j’ai le même problème , tu as pu solutionner ?

concernant la video rapide

je n’utilise plus solex pour le moment … j’ai oublié la solution trouvée ! Je pense que je suis revenu à une go pro comme caméra source.
bons vols

Ok, thank you.
i try Hdmi_mode =16 and it works fine now. Records are corrects.