[Solved] Herelink Firmware updated cannot link

I updated my Herelink Air Unit and Remote Unit according to the link https://docs.cubepilot.org/user-guides/herelink/firmware-releases#v-0-2-2

I am unable to link the Ait Unit and Remote Unit after the upgrade.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Did you flashed RC and Air unit with ‘flash_all.dat’ or with ‘flash_all_exept_stored_data.dat’ ?


Re flash the Air unit with the flash all option and it should then bind to the RC.

This is in the folder with the main flash as per the instructions.

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Steps followed on both devices

Install Android Tools

Download and Install latest Android SDK Platform tools from here per the system you are using.

Download Firmware

Download the latest image from Firmware Releases section.

Flashing Firmware


  1. Download both the Platform tools and the latest Firmware file

  2. Extract the downloaded archives using an Archive Tools like 7-zip.

  3. Place the platform tools files inside the firmware folder. So that adb.exe is along side flash_all_except_data_storage.bat

  4. Connect Remote Unit/Air Unit (only connect one at any one time) via USB Micro Cable.

  5. Open the Command Prompt and run [your extracted SDK folder]\adb reboot bootloader from the prompt.

  6. Navigate to the extracted folder relating to the specific unit and double click flash_all_except_data_storage.bat

  7. The batch script will start executing, wait for script to complete.

  8. After Remote Unit upgrade is complete, you can connect Air Unit and repeat the process from 3-5.

  9. The Units will automatically restart and will retain user settings from previous update

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Will do and get back with the result

Thank you MadRC. That cleared the issue.

Has there been any updates to this? It seems the link provided for “Firmware Releases” does not exist.

@MadRC @Alvin @sidbh

Also here is what pops up when running the flasher, not sure if there is a clear error that can solved in this.

You will need to install the Google USB driver.
Also, you should reply on a 2 years old topic and where it’s discussion ended years ago. Open a new topic next time.