[solved]Issue getting PWM5 to work on Aux

The new error of 27.04 breaks our necks.
We fly for farmers and have 10 drones with Cube Black.
We need your help, so please programmer help us

Our application works in Nuttx !!!
Now only Chibios is supported.
We need Aux 5 as a PWM input,
Aux4 as a camera trigger output and the Terrain following in auto mode.
All works fine before, what we can do now!?
Please Contact me inbox Mail
Greez Mathew

That all works in Chibios ardupilot.
Please post a log that includes your settings etc.

What code were you using?

I send a email with settings you got it?

The BRD_PWM_COUNT = Is less forgiving in Chibios than it was in Nuttx if setting is not right. Check that it is correct. Philip is at Auvsi so he may not be able to get to your email right away.

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I’m not checking emails while I’m at AUVSI, I will only follow up here on CubePilot.org. Please answer here.

What exaktly do you mean?
You have write a email!

philip Leader
April 30

That all works in Chibios ardupilot.
Please post a log that includes your settings etc.
And i have answer qith a email that includet my settings.

There is your problem right there. Change that to 5 (or 6) to enable (5 or 6) PWM on AUX ports.

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Topic updated to reflect that the issue was related to PWM5, not any SB

Ok i got the MP Version 1.3.66 built 1.3.7054.36589 V3.6.8
my Aux 4 as Camera trigger works now fine.
But my AUX 5 as PWM INPUT for Lidar RNGFND not works.
IS IT possible to use AUX5 als Input?
Please help.

I try with BRD_COUNT 5 too… not working…

BRD_PWM_COUNT =4 means aux1 to 4 is pwm
Aux 5 and 6 is for what you are doing

I changed to 6… no working :frowning:

Can you check if my AUX 5 is configured correctly for a PWM input signal for Lidar rangefinder

I have the right parameters for NUTTX Version before this issus

Please read wiki for BRD_PWM_COUNT you are miss understanding how it works. It’s for pwm out not for pwm in. So set it for 4 so you can set up 5 and 6 for different types of inputs

Also try RNFND_TYPE=22 not 5.
5 is px4 pwm nuttx driver
22 is pwm Chibios Driver

Ok i have and understand… and now?
I set Relay_Pin to 53 for camera trigger output AUX 4.
And RNG_Pin to 54… and what i need still.

Sorry I been trying to find all that for you but I’m in really bad 4glte network area. Trying to load full parameter list times out and crashes chrome browser.
So means your BRD_PWM_COUNT =3
it will leave 1 to 3 as PWM 4 to 6 as inputs