Spare Parts for Herelink


I am in need of a spare antenna for the Herelink, my hungry quad has eaten one to bits. Is it possible to purchase spare ones please?

Thank You.

Hello All

You can purchase the antenna directly from TAOGLAS, they are manufacturer and supplier of the antenna for Herelink. See the link below:

I suggest you go to their Antenna Builder web page and change the connector type to MMCX-RA PLUG GOLD (Male Pin) to fit to the air unit of the Herelink. Also do not forget specify the length of the cable to 300mm, this is the standard length of the cable.

Once you have selected these option, the total price for an antenna comes to $22.67 USD, and as per normal then you have to add shipping to you.

So if you need replacement antenna for your Herelink this is where you can get a spare, or you would like to get longer antenna wire or different antenna. Check out the Taoglas web site, I discovered this because mine was cut to shreds by my drone, and I noticed the name of the manufacturer inside the plastic outer casing.

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Or you could contact your reseller…