Speed nudging or Throttle nudging auto mode

This is my third attempt to articulate the problem i’m having with both a orange and purple cube in rover 4.0 setup on a boat. Everything is fine it even follows its planned lines. The problem is I must move the throttle stick above 50% to get it to run its mission in auto mode. To achieve My goal of 1m/s i need to put max throttle at 35% other wise it speeds off. I just dont think its correct to need to move the throttle at all to start a mission in auto mode. If the throttle is at 0 or one click when i hit the auto switch it seems to do a slow fidgeting or mild bucking so i do think its getting the command to start the mission. Also , I dont see any parameters for speed nudging or throttle nudging

Thanks for any help

Have you finished the throttle minimum test?

Does it behave the same during manual modes?
What controller are you using?

slow fidgeting or mild bucking

I guess the ESCs are not receiving sufficient PWM to start the motors?

Even if you pull the throttle to lowest, rover should move as the mission started

Thanks for the reply

It drives normal in manual mode.

I use the futaba T6k

It has worked great with multiple black cubes and many pixhawk 1

I think it receives the PWM as it does follow its mission when the throttle is increased.

Yes s there a speed nudging or throttle nudging setting in rover 4.0? I dont see it

Description for speed nudging can be found here: