Spline Curves Exit/Entrys Issue

sometimes i get a perfect 180° Spline turn without stopping.
sometimes I get this kind of turn with Stop+Turn on the exit Point.

It tried different settings of overshoot & leadIn & WPNAV_Rad but couldnt find a workflow to get the redline all the time.

If i fly the same mission with the Simulator it doing a great spline like it should:

on what exactly is this behavior dependent and how can I make it calculable?
Is his about the track/line width?

PURPLE: how the drone flew
RED: what I would wish for, every time everywhere

tested with WPNAV_RADIUS,150 / 100 / 50
(Unit is Centimeter)

Posted this already in the ArduPilot group.
Thanks guys

SCURVES is coming in Arducopter 4.1 (in beta testing now) that will fix these issues.
Watch the videos in this thread ->

Actually the different behaviour on some turns can be put down to aircraft speed, and maybe wind could be playing a part too - the aircraft is unable to make the turn as expected so eventually it has to stop and turn in order to hit at least some of the waypoints. :frowning:
This is where S-Curves is different, and dynamically calculates the speed and accelerations to hit each waypoint and maintain a symmetrical entry and exit.

You could maybe improve it now by reducing the WPNAV speed before those turns at the end of each leg.

Thank you very much, got it :slight_smile:
im just wondering a bit: yesterday for example i had this at 4m/s a just a little bit of wind. If i use UGCS as a groundsoftware it fly perfect splines no matter which speed or wind (Same UAV, same situation).
Whats the difference?