Sponsorship Inquiry - AAV

Hey All,

What is the process for acquiring a sponsorship regarding the Cube - and all related accessories. I am on a design team that has been using the Cube, Here GPS Modules, Herelink, etc. and we would love to develop a relationship with CubePilot. More info about our team can be found on our website:

Looking forward to hearing back!

I would also be interested in a contact for this purpose, I’ve seen quite a few university teams getting support, but I couldn’t find a contact, neither here nor on CubePilot directly…

I am Chris from CubePilot. I will follow up on your CubePilot Sponsorship for UAS Student Teams request.

Could you please PM me some information below for further sponsorship evaluation?

  1. Your team introduction
  2. Any UAS competition record to share with us?
  3. Some information about your UAV project/competition would like to be sponsored.

Thank you!

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