Strange problem with Herelink

Hi, everybody.

We are mounting a quadcopter with Herelink + Cube and here, all Hardware is CubePilot.

Apparently everything went well, the tests carried out in our workshop were going well, our surprise was when we took the equipment to the field for the first flight.

Herelink loses the connection mavlink, video and sbus are still working, but the telemetry data does not work.

The curious part comes when we return to our workshop again, it only happens when we go outside, we have tried several times and the problem repeats itself.

Any ideas?

Turn off the internal location on HereLink.

This is a known issue, it’s an annoying issue

Thank you! We just tested and that was it!

Another issue we have detected Philip.

It is impossible for us to download elevation maps, we also try to get QGC to download elevation data and never does.

Any ideas?

Not sure on that one…