Streaming other kinds of data

Hi, I am trying to set up a drone that does automatic object detection. In addition to streaming video via Herelink, I would like to stream some kind of binary alarm signal that is activated whenever a target object is detected. Any idea how such streaming could be implemented?

Hi Maks,

Are you familiar with software development in Ardupilot? If so, you could implement some kind of custom MAVLink message containing the data of your interest and activate the MAVLink forwarding of your QGC in herelink. This way, if you connect the herelink and other network device in a 5G network, you should be able to see the MAVLink stream in the other device (it also works if you connect a external device in the herelink hotspot). If you are not familiar with custom mav messages, you could use free text messages by means of GCS_SEND_TEXT function in Ardupilot.