Stuck on boot up!

Hey @philip @rmackay9
Have a look at the attached video. The AP got stuck at boot and buzzer sound is continuous. Running AC4.0.0. Worked fine after reconnecting.

Please let me know if it does that again, I suspect it May have been stuck on io update

Hey @philip
It happens once in a while randomly. This was third time since 4 months. This hasn’t happened with the aircraft running normal ESCs. It’s been happening on the ones with dshot ESCs.


Have you tried Copter 3.6.12 to see if you still have the same issue or it only happens in Copter 4.0? I’m having a similar problem with DSHOT ESC but with very few chance that the Cube can boot normally, most of the time it will stuck at booting!

I’d suggest bringing this up on the ardupilot forum, if there is a solution, it’s most likely mentioned over there.