Stuck on system update invalid package

Updated firmware from the computer from cubepilot website. Fru1200409. That took. Connected to 5ghz wifi. Set system time and zone. Input sn# to register. Asked for system update and told it to update. Tired several times. One time got to 47% then invalid package. Sometimes 20 minutes to get to 2%. Internet speed is 261mbps over the 5g wifi. Invalid package everytime. I bought this to get rid of my 15 modules and the drone programming headaches?? Not getting off to a good start. Do i need the airlink powered? Did i get a bad key from IRLOCK store on Amazon?(PLEASE HELP)

Update… after factory reset on the grond unit now says can’t register device lovey

Can you try with another wifi network?

I flashed the firmware from the computer again. Fully charged the battery on the ground unit all the way and it finally updated. It would not even register over my tp link router it must not like the ports or url. Switched back to my comcast modem wifi and it registered immediately but still wouldn’t update. If i remember Android 7.x the battery had to be past 75% to update and it would never prompt you it needed to be. So either that was it or the download server was messed up for a few hours. Not sure but it finally worked out. 10 hours later lol

Herelink can’t register with ip address 192.168.0.x
So it might be ip problem such that it became normal when you switch to another router.