Stylus for Herelink Remote Unit

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any experience with using a stylus with the herelink remote unit? Which one would you recommend?

Does something like this work?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, just dropping a message to keep the post active. I still have not found any information regarding this.

Thanks in advance!

Its a normal smartphone screen so any capacitive stylus that works with a generic smartphone will work, its not gonna be pressure sensitive or as accurate as something with an active digitizer though.

Thank you for your response.

I tried a few different stylus in the past, they work up to a certain degree in terms of recognition but never perfectly. Are there any stylus tip diameters that you would recommend?

Unfortunately I don’t know of any good ones to recommend.

No problems. Thank you for your response, I will update this thread in the future with some stylus options after some testing.