Suggestions for a Micro USB to Hdmi cable

Philiiiiiiip ? :wink:

Yesterday I made a test with the MHL adapter and a Herelink with the 1st beta version and with a Herelink with the September beta and with a Herelink with the stable version. With all versions the adapter does not work and no HDMI is output.
Philip, we absolutely need the possibility for an HDMI-out. Our customers ask us for this feature.
Can you tell us urgently which adapter works and what settings need to be made?
Thank you!


i have never had the MHL working with any firmware …
the ugreen cable worked with the first firmware.
The problem is the sun : it’is realy difficult to get a clear video on the radio , it would be better to get the video on googles but for a reason that i don’t understand , herelink don’t want to help …

Hello @philip,
please can you give us some information how we can fix the problem and get the HDMI output?
Thank you!

We neither had any success trying to transfer it to an external screen with a MHL cable. Now we tried with a cable used for mirroring smartphones and tablets. This is working fine, but not on Herlink. The cable/device needs an app to be downloaded and installed, with which the mirroring works fine. Android detects the devie, asks for the app to be installed and after that mirroring works. Now I can’t install an app on the herelink. It is not accessing the download site and a play store is of course not existing. Can this app be installed by placing the apk on a sd card?
We definitely need this mirroring, connection-to-extarnal-monitor-by-cable function as it is crucial for a lot of clients, users and we need something comparable to DJI and Yuneec.

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Hello @philip,
can you give us some information on how to get the HDMI out?
Thank you!

no news …

You can install your apk using adb commands.


thanks for your answer.
unfortunately i’m not a developer !

Pascal, there’s no need of being a developer, it’s quiet easy. Follow those steps:

Installing an APK doesn’t solve not getting the HDMI-out…

I have the same issue with the HDMI out, and we may have to switch to another system for an incoming project because we can’t gent the HDMI out working…

I got it running using this adapter:

I needs a software - download the APK file via PC or mobile and install it with the procedure linked by KipK.

Start the software, then connect the adapter and activate USB thethering in the Herelink settings.

the sceen comes up on the monitor or video headset with no recognizable latency.

I am very happy since the screen of the Herelink is small and dark compared to my Samsung mobile I use with my other drone.

Best regards

sorry i was working on the MSP protocol with Pixhawk ! ( dji hd fpv)
i will try and come back !


today i tried the ezcast apk with the ugreen cable and it works ! thanks guillaume for your advice !!
the latency is about 40 ms . this is right .
let us see if it’s flyable !