Suggestions for a Micro USB to Hdmi cable

Hey I wonder if anybody has a link they could provide for a micro usb to hdmi cable or converter that’s proven to work with an external monitor? Thanks!

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I’m unable to get it work with the MHL connector . The tethering USB not connected. Any advice

I was able to get a laptop to connect to the Here link WIFI and using the VLC media player, I could see the video from the controller to the laptop. but only for a second, then the video would freeze and I would loose connection with the copter, and then I would have to reset every thing.
If this adapter will allow the video to stream to an external monitor, I will get it.

no problem to connect your laptop ( qgc ) with the hotspot .
it’s quite stable on q ground control .

i would like to connect a monitor with this connector but it doesn’t work !

This one you showed, Philipp, is working? Do you have a link? We Tried several others, no one works.

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i think that under the last firmware it’s no more possible .
you have to use the hotspot but with latency …

the one I displayed is working

would you like to explain the metodology to getit work under the stable firmware ?

I bought exactly the same MHL connector and it does not work for me. What can I do?
Is there a setting to change in the Herelink?

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I was able to get it work with the first firmware but since the stable firmware it doesn’t work anymore…
And no body helps !

This is interesting, thanks for the info. Philipp, can you tell us what we have to do to make it work?
I have the latest stable firmware on the Herelink.

just enable ‘‘USB tethering’’ and you can use it

Can not activate the USB tethering. The status is: USB not connected

connect herelink with PC vie USB if it connects then you have a problem with the adapter or maybe herelink does not support it

The connection to the PC is working. But the MHL-adapter is not working. Philip, can you tell me if I need to adjust something ?


i had the system working with the ugreen cable. but after the last firmware the screen miroring give a "no connexion " message …

Hello Pascal,
is it the latest stable firmware version or the latest beta?

yes it is the stable firmware ( not the september one )


Philip, is it possible that the stable firmware does not work with the adapter?
Does the adapter work with the September beta version?
I am currently using the stable firmware - not the September beta.
Thank you!