Suggestions regarding a HerePro with HERE 3 setup

I have a HerePro GPS and I’m setting it up on a cargo octa copter running on Cube 4.1.3. I would like to ask a couple of questions regarding my GPS setup.

Until recently I was flying this cargo drone with 2 * HERE 3 for redundancy and had GPS_AUTO_SWITCH=1 (Use best).

On my new setup, I was thinking to use a HerePro along with a HERE3 GPS. On the bench, HerePro has a very solid reception and I feel HERE3 will come into play only if HerePro runs out of its external power. Additionally, if HerePro gets jammed I would guess that HERE3 will also be jammed.

So, my questions are:

Is there a point in using 1HerePro and 1HERE3, to achieve better anti-jamming ability?

If I use a HerePro along with a HERE3 GPS should I keep GPS_AUTO_SWITCH to 1 or set it to maybe 2 (blend)?

There is no point using a better GPS and a fair GPS on the same vehicle.
It is even more meaningless to blend them together to get average result of two.

If you want redundancy for HerePro when it somehow got disconnected from power, then use Here3 as secondary makes sense.
If you want to blend 2 GPS, you should blend 2 identical GPS.

Thanks for your answer! I will just keep Here3 along HerePro in case of power failure on HerePro.