Supported Flight Controllers

I know of Pixhawk Cube, Pix Mini etc, but any other FCs people have had success with thus far using their Herelink? I’m partial to Matek boards and am I to understand that there has been success with Ardupilot on a Matek with Mavlink support?

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The only supported flight controllers are the Cube series, we do not support any “Pix” or any other flight controllers.

Anything with the name “Pix” in it on today’s market is not the real thing.

Sorry to be blunt…

So you do not support the pixhawk 2 Edison & Here GNSS Kit, A collaborative work between Hex and ProfiCNC?

That’s little more than blunt, it’s more like eating your weakest young because you don’t like the way it looks.

(What species of bird does that, I can’t remember…?)

Marketing does a good job of making things confusing but a Pixhawk 2 is a cube series, a least it has “cube” silkscreen on the outside, so please clarify…


I think your getting a little confused on the controller.

The Cube Black is what is formally known as the Pixhawk 2.1 so yes it’s supported, they are one in the same , name has just shifted away from Pixhawk brand now as it’s down it’s own path from the reference PX4 FMU designs with all the other models.

I think what Philip means is they do not support original Pixhawk or any other FC with derived from the Pixhawk brand or PX4 FMU designs.

This is not to say it won’t work and it very much will however from Profi point of view they are only going to support their own hardware and Arupilot.

So Hardware

The Cube Yes
Pixhawk 2.1 Yes.
Any other Pixhawk will work but your on your own as such.

Aidupilot Support only
PX4 your on your own

The thing is there is zero reason to use any other make of FC, if you already have an older Pixhawk it’s probably time to look at an update, none of the others like Pixhack,Pixhawk 4 or 5 offer anything better over the Cube, many of these are mass produced with little to zero support, while you may get a good one and have no issues there is zero benefit over the Cube.

What you do get with the Cube over all of the others is Philip and Profi’s input into Ardupilot, their help and backup. That alone for me makes the Cube the best overall choice, it’s not perfect as we have recently seen but nothing is and failure will happen but it’s how it’s handled that’s important.

That’s what I was hoping for but his post at face value said anything with “pix” on it is unsupported, so that put a little concern in my head.

Glad to hear Philip isn’t eating his own kids after all, it was just a rumor anyway. :slight_smile:

Not sure how much of the various flavored Pix and Px4 flight controllers available out there are licensed or legitimate, but surely you guys don’t have to be concerned as much with your newer products going down the same path… right? I mean, I don’t want to see a “HereLynx” controller for sale on the internet in the coming months.

Anyway thanks for getting back with me so quickly.


Hello All,

Can you please tell me, what is the reliable FC in the Pixhawk family, that will work with the Herelink? Apart from Pixhawk 2.1 or the Cube.

As we all know the 2019 Pixhawk 2.1 had some issues, I was wondering is there a new batch where all the issues have been fixed? and if so where I could get hold of one?

Thank You

You missed a few recent post. See the new lineup of cubes.


Thank you for getting back to me, I already have a Pixhawk 2 which I purchased in March 2019, is this same version as the current one? I am having some issues with this, one I own. The one on offer at 3DXR site is it a newer version?

Thank You.

The New Cube Orange is totally unaffected and would suit your needs just like the black does now.

Profi are not going to recommend another makes FC when their own is better than anyone else out there.

The Issue was only with a very small batch of Black Cubes made between Jan and March, If it’s affected get it sorted and you will be 100% fine.

Everything after March will be fine as well with regards to that issue.

The Cube is a series of controllers now and the Black has been out for a few years with next to zero real issues, this issue earlier this year was u fortunate however it was very small overall and has now been fully resolved, if your black cube has been sorted or is not affected it should be fine as long as you use the latest FW and settings for the Cube Black to enable all EKF, if you really want to look at something else consider the new orange cube as that’s the new standard model really.

I would not entertain any of the other Pixhawk controllers out there other than these

Define better?

We put out a service bulletin and told you about the issue with our hardware.

We have released 3 service bulletins.

That’s three more than any Pixhawk in history.

That doesn’t mean others have not had issues, it definitely doesn’t mean others are safer!

What it means is that we risk people having a panic and going to an inferior product by being honest.

We will continue to be honest, we take your safety very seriously.

So if you want my honest opinion. However biased it is… the safest option to have you in the air is a cube, following our recommendations.

Never take off without arming checks, and replace any hardware that is even slightly troublesome before takeoff!

At $200 a cube is a consumable part of your drone. Carry a spare.

We will always replace one that proves faulty.

With any drone, always plan for the worst. Stay safe!


I do definitely agree that the cube is the most versatile fight controller, and well worth the money. As you know I am new to the DIY drone space, and I did not even know that there was this issues with the fight controller till MadRC video. As you know I am having some issues with mine, and I have sent you the BIN files as per your request, and I am waiting for your response.

In the mean time I am asking the community what other options I have, I know I can purchase another cube, but as suggested by MadRC, I think I will better of with the orange cube. I did not mean to cause a panic, where else I could get expert opinion apart from the people who are using the cube on a daily basis?

Also I have been contacting all the retailers in Australia, and guess what non of them have orange cube in stock. So I am considering ordering it from 3DXR and then again as per my Herelink pay customs and import charges etc.

@petergreen in search for reducing the weight of the model I have tested the Matek F722 Std board with the Herelink. The S.Bus works and able to get the all the channels to work. But no telemetry and any help will be welcomed. Yet to test the GPS and real flight, getting used to the INAV 2.2.1 and setup and soldering. Any one with experience your assistance will be appreciated.

Thank You.


Just to show how loyal I am to the Cube and Herelink, I have just purchased my Herelink Beta 2. Keep up the good work, hope to see more products in the future.

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