Survey shot & manual shot

Hi Guys,

I have on board a Cube Orange with Herelink and Solex. I need to take both manual and triggered photos in Survey mode
If I’m not mistaken, in survey mode, the trigger acts on 7 but I have set the manual trigger on channel 10 (AUX 2)
In other words, I have to manually set the output parameters based on the type of operation I have to perform.
How can I manage both modes (auto trigger in Survey + manual shot) with Solex’s Cam Shot button only?

I have never tried this, but can you set both trigger onto the same output? I’m not sure if you can still manually trigger the camera in survey more.

This is more like an Ardupilot question, not about the hardware. You may want to raise a topic there.

thanks Alvin … I put the post in the other section

Well…What I mean is to post this to Ardupilot forum because there are more people, and the Ardupilot developers might help you.

While here is a forum about Cubepilot hardware. If your problem is not specifically about hardware, our advices are limited.