Switching between multiple Air Units

Hi everyone,

We are using herelink on multiple drones. Suppose if we want to fly 5 different drones back to back, we need to charge all 5 of the Herelink ground units and carry all of them to the field. Is there any way to use a single ground unit with multiple air units? One way I know is to pair the same ground unit with different air units before each flight, but that will require access to the air unit in order to put it in the pairing mode. Is there a better way to do this? For eg. storing the IP address of multiple air units in a single ground unit and then selecting which unit we want to connect with. That will make the process very easy.


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Almost the same question for me. I have one quad, one exa and one octo and want to use the same ground controls for 3 different air units, simply by selecting in the ground unit the drone I want to fly. Is this possible with the new herelink V1.1? @Michael_Oborne

I was surprised this wasn’t possible. To make things worse, I fly LiDAR multirotors and a bathymetry boat. Every time I change units I need to reprogram my buttons. All my old Futaba radios have unlimited model memory locations.

I think this is in the works, but is not currently released or available. I agree it would be great to be able to use one ground unit with multiple air units. The brighter screen is a definite upgrade in my opinion.

yes in the works. we have it working already on 1.0 and 1.1. the time consuming part isnt make it link to other air units, its the whole rc system and settings between air units.

ie if the settings and config and channel output didn’t change, it could likely be out now.

I’m eagerly waiting!

Me too.