T motor air esc are not working

After updating to new firmware copter 4.3.5, t motor 4110 motors won’t arm in motor tests. I have set up the drone with pixhawk cube, t motor air 40A escs, t motor 4110 motors and herelink.
@xfacta @rmackay9 @Alvin
The drone was flying well before everything was working but now the motors aren’t arming.

Last SW is 4.3.4.
And even 4.3.5.
I mentioned that after flash and load param’s from saved file need reboot.
One time after 4.4.0 dev downgrade I restart and save params trom file 2 times untill Compare func said ok.
Also after reflash it’s better recalibrate Accel, Compass. Some of important calibrations and params for prearm block motor test.
Read messages or listen to PC speakers what’s wrong
Try to use ESC type as “normal” against Dshot f.e.
Sometimes it’s need reboot PC, MP, and FC.
I had same trouble few times.
Last time T-Motor ESC 4-1 V50A just brake inner SW.
Only after update Heli Beli SW ESC begun to work
PS on Matek-405 Reboot in Compass calibrating menu doesn’t work.
I just reconnect power to every systems reboot well
And don’t forget USB- it powering FC

Does the flight controller think it is armed?
You can set LOG_DISARMED = 1 and gather a .bin log and set it back to 0 afterwards.

Did you try doing the ESC calibration?