Tarot pepper x10 ptz camera and here link

Dear all,

I have a setup of Tarot pepper x10 with black cube and here link.
I have connected the gimbal to the black cube sbus out and enable it with mission planner.
I want to use the wheel for zoom in and zoom out option.

despite of what I was doing, there is no signal to the camera :frowning:
I must say that with the old RC (radio link x9) I was able to move the camera with p/t/z
as I connected an radio link rx directly with sbus to the camera.

what am I missing :frowning:

Sbuso is a passthrough from rcin
I guess the Herelink donโ€™t have as much sbus channels as radio link x9 does.
You need to allocate the proper rc channel to the appropriate pwm out port.

letโ€™s forget the here link
I want the whell will make the tilt.
the Sbuso from the cube should send me commands to the camera.
if I will get the whell working, I can get all other working.

I think you need to change the SERVOx_FUNCTION parameter

can you explain little more? what value I need to use?

For example, you have assigned a wheel to rcin ch7. Then, you set servo7_function to 57 (RCPassThru7)
In this way, servo7 will output exactly what it got from rcin ch7.
When you switch to Herelink, the wheel may not be assigned to rcin ch7. You can check this at Herelink settings > Joystick > WChannel

Or, if you use solex, you can directly control the servo output with mavlink.
Solex > Menu > Flight > Button Mapping > Wheel Settings

Dear Alvin,

just to be clear on that issue.
I connecting the sbuso to the gimbal, and using the ch as described?
I using octa, and tilt is set to ch11

Do you need multiple channels to control the gimbal?
Connect a single pwm out and do the setting on ardupilot will give you more freedom on controlling the signals.
sbuso is just a passthrough converter, converting rcin to sbus.
If you really want sbuso, check the wheel channel from herelink setting. In this way you change the settings on Herelink to change its sbus output channel, and eventually change the sbuso from cube
Herelink sbus out > Cube rcin > Cube sbuso > camera

first of all,
thanks for all the time effort, itโ€™s not taken for granted.
I already ordered two pwm->sbus, so I will connect the camera gimbel to the cube with aux out.