TELEM2 on Blue Cube

I have posted this question on both the Ardu and PX4 forums and have not been able to find a definitive answer. I have a hexcopter with a CubeBlue and Herelink system running the latest version of Ardu firmware. I have a companion computer connected to TELEM2 using a serial-to-USB adapter. The TELEM2 port is configured in QGC correctly as MAVLINK2 with 56 baud and standard port configuration. If I boot up the companion computer and Cube, the cube will not send any MAVLINK data over TELEM2. To make this work, I can first connect QGC to the TELEM2 and once a connection is established, I can disconnect QGC and plug in the companion computer. At that point, the cube will send MAVLINK data over the TELEM2 port.

This behavior is not seen when running on a Pixhawk6C running PX4 firmware. I was wondering if anybody is familiar with this issue and if the Cube is waiting for something to be received over the TELEM2 port before it starts to send telemetry?

the GCS need to request that streams to be sent
look at the SR2_* params, and set them to non 0

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@Michael_Oborne you just about made my day. I will take a look at the SE2 parameters. In the meantime, when you say “request the streams” is that via mavlink commands?