Telemetry as plain text responses?

I’ve set up an ubuntu linux server, and am trying to parse telemetry using PHP. I’ve set up a UDP connection on port 14552, but the only responses I get appear to be in binary, and complete gobbly gook. Does anyone know how I can get plain text telemetry feed, or decode this feed? Here’s the responses I get. And notice… no two responses are the same. When I get a connection to the herelink, I generate the “got here” that you see. Then, I’m sending the simple word, “begin” and the wingdings are what I get back:
Please help… I really need to figure out the telemetry feed from herelink…

Have you tried mavproxy ?

Pardon my newbieness… but isn’t mavproxy a bypass for herelink? The herelink is a groundstation that is supposed to give you UDP, and then mavproxy is a minimized command line ground station. If I am already using herelink… why would I do that? Or will mavproxy act as an intermediary and translate from herelink to plain text? Again, pardon my newbiness on this issue.