Telemetry cable for SmartPort

Hello from Atlanta -

I’m building my first ArduCopter / Pixhawk machine. I’m using the latest Pixhawk (ADSB) and Orange cube.

I want just basic telemetry for my first flight tests. I’m using a FrSky receiver that has Smartport (Sport) input for telemetry data.

There are cables advertised for connecting the Pixhawk telemetry connector to the FrSky receiver’s Smartport connection. They all seem to have a “converter” - that I believe converts Mavlink to Smartport.

Since ArduPilot now has a parameter that sets the telemetry protocol to Smartport - I don’t know if a “converter” is still required. If not - some sort of simple cable should be easy to construct or purchase.

I’ve not seen any information about such a simple cable. Can anyone please direct me to information about this if it exists?

Many thanks - Joe Stroup