The Cube and McGill University

Greetings Cubepilot friends!

A big thanks again for the generous sponsorship from CubePilot, amazing people and products!

McGill as one of the best universities in Canada has a competitive engineering department with various design teams providing students with hands-on experience. AERO McGill was born under this environment six years ago with a group of undergraduate students who are very passionate about drones and aviation. Soon after the establishment, we found our goal as the cause of this team: joining the annual drone competition Unmanned Systems Canada. By now, we have been continuously competing for 5 years with the best award of 2nd place (May 2019).

Grown from a hard time with APM and Pixhawk flight controllers, we started to use The Cube and HERE GPS since 2017. Throughout time, the quality and reliability of the avionics from CubePilot were proven and made us increasingly interested. This is why we started the sponsorship relationship with CubePilot this year.

Here I will be sharing our story over the past two years with CubePilot and update the latest achievement we have. We are also very looking forward to talking with the staff and other users.

AERO McGill Drones Team Captain

Attached are the pictures of our aircraft :laughing:


Thanks! Happy to help!

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