The Cube flight controller weights

Hi all,
Does anyone have a reference to the weights for the various cube pilot versions?

Weights for the HereLink would also be helpful.

Seems second-nature to include weight specs for a device intended to fly. I didn’t see them in the docs, but if I missed it, please point me to the page/section.


I can weight the cubes shortly

Black on the mini carrier board weighs 45 grams.
The standard is heaver. Keep in mind the sensors are weighted inside the cube and it recommended to be hard mounted.

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Thanks for that weight. I figured since the cube was designed as a damped spring mass system, adding additional “damping” might actually introduce springiness or errors.

I would appreciate that!

Standard carrier board + black cube is 74 grams.
Mauch is 16 grams.
Here 2 GPS 46 grams.
Here 2 GPS + FC + buzzer cable + GPS1-cable (with button) + Mauch is 151 grams.

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Thank you for the contribution!

Does anyone have weights for the purple/yellow/orange cubes?

For anyone else looking at this thread, I found:

  • A review stated that the HereLink air unit was about 95g
  • Kore 1.3.1+ documentation states 79g without Cube 108g with Cube
  • Per an email from CubePilot, most cubes are 35g, and the purple “lite” cube is 15g

Black, green, blue, yellow, orange all weigh the same…