The cube screws won't come out or in


I have tried to unscrew the orange cube from base, but only one screw came out the other 3 are now stuck in a mid position and won’t go out or in !

Any advice ? Should I send it for servicing ?

video at

Please send it to your local dealer for servicing.

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From my experience, Cube needs to be in a perfectly horizontal position in order to get the screws to thread in properly.

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I have a similar problem. 2 of my screws will not screw in more than 5mm. Di you manage to resolve your issue or determine why there is a problem?

Does anyone know how the cover comes off (without damage) so i can inspect what is going wrong?

We’ve bought 5 of the oranges and we’ve had problems with all of the mounting screws. No problems getting the screws out, but we haven’t had any of the 5 Cube Oranges accept all 4 of the mounting screws. 2 of the screws spin freely, so they can’t be mounted now because they don’t sit flush. I was told the Orange was an upgrade. Pretty disappointing design for a few grands worth of electronics if you can’t attach them to them to the carrier board without breaking them.

If it’s the same design as the Blacks, the mounting screws are soldered to the PCB. The Blacks you can easily remove the cube case with screws, but the Orange doesn’t have screws for easy removal. It looks like they have to be levered off, but for the price this doesn’t seem good to have to do to all of the board. I also don’t want to be putting all of the boards under stress to get the screws back in.

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