The hotspot setting does not take effect with error display

The hotspot setting does not take effect with error display. I have two HereLinks but neither is enabled. Are there any special settings to enable this?

Are you using the Japanese version of Herelink?
Can you try to reflash the firmware on the controller?

The same thing happens with the latest firmware in both the Japanese and English versions. It seems that it can be used again by returning to the factory default. Iā€™m not sure what can be used with a trigger.

If you found any clue on what triggered the problem, please share it on the forum publicly. It would be great to be able to replicate the issue at our side and start to figure out what happened.

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It seems that Hotspot cannot be used when the country setting is changed to JAPAN. Is this a specification?

Is this unit purchased from Japan drones?

If not it is not certified for use in Japan

Yes, I bought it from them a few months ago.