The latest PX4 stable release now supports Cube Yellow & Orange

Starting with the PX4 v1.11.0 stable release, users can now enjoy stable support for Cube Yellow and Cube Orange.

Thanks to everyone in this community who contributed to making this possible, and everyone who supported the addition.

Huge thanks to :clap:

PX4 v1.11.0 Release Announcement

PX4 v1.11.0 Release Notes


yes, i can compile and upload version 1.11.0 on cube orange. But something is wrong with compass setup. if you use an here2 you can successfully calibrate both compass modules (intern & extern) and direct after compass calibration “without rebooting” you get right compass heading - BUT after a reboot, compass heading reports mismatch and the compass heading value makes no sense anymore.
i play with different sensor orientations in cube orange initfile but nothing change the strange orientation problem.

# Board specific sensors init
adc start

# SPI1
ms5611 -s -b 1 start
icm20649 -s -b 1 start

# SPI4
ms5611 -s -b 4 start
icm20602 -s -b 4 -R 12 start
icm20948 -s -b 4 -R 10 -M start

# standard Here/Here2 connected to GPS1
ak09916 -X -b 2 -R 6 start # external AK09916 (Here2) is rotated 270 degrees yaw