This noob needs help: Power Distribution Problems Cube Black + Core Kore Carrier

Please bare with me, this is my first build and I’m left a bit confused at this time on how to properly route power through the Cube Kore Carrier Board to ESCs, BEC and Gimbal. The photo below probably does a better job at explaining how I’ve got it wired at the moment. I’m not sure if I’m able to pull power from the ESC pads on the corners to power Gimbal + BEC which feeds 5V back into the AUX rail. If this is incorrect, how am I supposed to do this? Also I’m getting this strange " 1 2 3, 3 2 1 " chime from the board when I try to turn on the GoPro attached to the Tarot T2-2D gimbal. I’ve listened to the chimes in the Cube documentation and none of them match this one. I’ve included a link below to a video with the chime sound. Hope someone has encountered this and can help.


[](http://Video of Chime)

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Hey, thanks for the help guys!! Really appreciate it. What a useful forum.

No need to get sarky people are a little all over the place right now.

Ok a few things.

I don’t like your pulling all your ESC power from one corner, what sort of current is your setup pulling ? I would spread this load.

Overall it does not look wrong and yes the BEC from a corner is fine. However what else are you powering from the servo rail ?

And where is the GoPro getting it’s power ?

Also have you jumper JP2 with solder ?

I would solder my all high current devices (ESCs) on to the main solder pads given for 8 motors. Then I would solder rest of BECs to any of the Battery voltage to step down the voltage. I think Kore board already has 9V output for Nav LEDs, which you can use for 5V output but using BEC. Kore is designed really well, just look for all the outputs, you’ll find it.
If possible, please solder the wires better.
Have a great day. :grin: