Throttle and Rudder swapped

I am setting up my replacement HereLink ground unit that was sent to me as a RMA for a previous faulty unit. I do not know if this is a referbished or a new unit, but I am experiencing strange behavior. I have updated all firmware and was in the process of performing the HW JS CAL. We are using mode 2 with the left stick up and down as Throttle and left stick side to side as Rudder. The Rudder and Throttle movements appear to be swapped. When I move the Throttle (up and down) the Z axis moves in the main Joystick screen, and when I try to calibrate when I move the Throttle stick up it moves the little circle to the right. Move Throttle down moves circle to Left. When I move stick to the right, the little circle moves down, and when I move the sitck to the left the little circle moves up. Is this a hardware fault or some setting? The left stick (elevator and aileron) work correctly. Thanks.

In the phone status of the unit I have the following settings:

Here is a video link showing the problem:

Can you please do the calibration one more time?
Maybe this time try to slowly move each joystick individually.
Did you try re-flash firmware or reset your herelink?

Greetings Mike,

I tried the calibration a few more times, with the same result. I rebooted HereLink between calibrations. We did a factory reset of the HereLink and updated to latest firmware and it continues to exhibit the same behavior. If needed I can make another video, but it is operating the same as in the previous one. I have not reflashed the device, do you have instructions to perform this? The right stick has always moved as it should. Please advise.



please redo the calibation, and make sure you do exactly as asked, including direction, nothing more.

Greetings Michael,

I reflashed firmware a third time, and had to redo the joystick and sbus calibrations a couple times, but now it is working as expected. I plan to calibrate the ESC’s on the USV that we will be using this on today. I expect it should work. Thank you for your help.