Throttle Calibration for Herelink


How can I calibrate the Herelink Throttle so the mid position designates hover point? I have adjusted the joystick setting center stick to zero throttle, and in this setting I have to keep holding the throttle to maintain altitude even when I am using Position Hold flight Mode? I notice from the bottom to the middle position is dead zone.

When I change the joystick to full down stick to zero throttle, then the top half of the throttle becomes dead zone, and from the bottom to middle position it becomes full throttle. I also have noticed I have to keep holding the throttle stick to hold altitude even when I am flying in Position Hold Mode.

I own a few other ready to fly drones from the usual manufactures, and they all are set in a way the middle position of the stick maintains altitude, and if I let both the sticks go then the drone just hovers at that position, and I have got used to this. Is there a way to configure Herelink to do the same?

Thank You, and all others for your help so far, I have successfully flown my drone for the first time after few crashes of course. Damn thing is built like a rock, touch wood noting has broken so far. It is certainly stronger than a ready fly solution, out of a box. I did build my frame as well, a lot more to do. Thank You All.

After a Normal stick calibration, hands off should be hover in Loiter and alt hold.

It will not be hover in stabilise mode though, as that is 100% dependant on your drones hover throttle capability.


Thank you for getting back to me, I did try the Altitude Hold Mode and as you suggested the copter did automatically adjust the throttle. I was able to leave the sticks in mid position and the copter did maintain altitude but it did not hold position. I had 18 satellites count before I took off, it was being blown by the wind and I have to manually adjust pitch and roll?

Then I decide to go into auto tune mode, to tune the controls. But when I switched to auto tune mode the copter did a flip and kissed the ground very hard.

I have the pixhawk cube black 2019 version, and even after going all the mandatory settings, the copter does flips front to back on take off, is it the cube? Do I need my cube replaced?

I have rebuilt my copter and planning on flying it today. I just want to touch base with you before I fly today. Need to test the range, but not confident yet in sending it out of sight for now.

Please read ardupilot docs for the functionality of each mode.

Alt hold only holds altitude
Pos hold or loiter holds position.

Please ensure your copter is in excellent condition before trying auto tuning

Make sure all esc signal grounds are connected to the cube

Crash in auto tune is a setup issue, not cube related

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Just got back from further flight tests, used the loiter mode and had no issues in holding position and the throttle also behaved like my out of the box drones. I also checked the RTL, and no issues there as well.

Then I tried auto take off, and then again it flipped, and landed upside down. The other issue is while on flight the EKF warning came on and then the drone started toilet balling, and I have to force land it because there was no control on the yaw and pitch stick. Thank god it was only flying 3m off the ground, no damages gust the camera mount came off.

Kept on testing after some minor adjustments, and low battery alarm sounded and as set got into RTL mode and landed safely.

Still not satisfied to send it on a long mission, also not confident to install the camera in the mount yet. I think as you said I have do further tests before I can set it free.

I am still not happy with the cube, when is the next lot batches of the cubes are coming out? May be get another one to compare it with. So far I am very happy with the Herelink, has worked without missing a beat.

Will keep you posted on further tests, and progress. I hope I will be soon confident to put my GoPro 7 Black and fly a few km or so.

Just to confirm about the ESC’s, there are two wires one is black and the other is white, and this is connected to the cube. Black wire is connected to the negative and the white is connected to the signal. Is there any further connection needed?

Thank you for time and input.


Logs of that flight?


As per your request, please find attached log file 1
2019-07-18 13-52-30.bin (3.0 MB)


I can only upload, one fraction of the file due to size limit. Is there a way to upload the other two files?


Have you had chance to check to flight data I sent you, and do you think the cube needs to be replaced?

maybe I should have posted it here.

i am also having the same problem, my drone dosent hover at 50% throttle. whenever i leave my throttle stick the drone comes down rapidly and crashes. any suggestion?