Throttle value problem in quad copter

@philip Problem1- Throttle value is very high for arming ,how to trim low value of throttle in herelink.
Problem2- Herelink is connected with flight controller but radio setting is blank as show in image.
Problem3- Which firmware version is best suitable with herelink.
Problem4- When I press safety button for arming esc keeps beeping after pressing safety button.when I increase throttle value again no movement in motors.

Throttle value problem in quad copter
I am waiting for your reply. Please provide solution

What software are you using on your drone ? Ardupilot or PX4 ?

You issues are likely setup related , we would need a lot more info, I would suggest you insrall Mission Planner or QGC and follow the setup guides on your flight stack

I am using ardupilot , QGC with herelink
Throttle value is very high , I want to trim throttle value in herelink
when I connect cube with normal Remote controller it is working fine.
but when I connect with herelink it creates problem.

Did you recalibrate the RC calibration in ardupilot after switch from rc controller to Herelink?

You may also try to re-calibrate ESC and see if the problem still exist.

yes it exists

Maybe you need to tune the hovering throttle?