Thrust problems

Hi Shawn

I apologize … obviously, as a teetotaler, I had drunk too much :smiley:

I propose it again if you had time/desire to take a look to understand if we are at risk of overturning :smiley:

a dear greeting

It’s still a bit nervous, try these


I dont think we’re over-tuning. I’d like to see it stable enough that pitch and roll autotune will work well. It seems to be getting close now.

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Hi Shawn … I’m flying a little with mine who is more or less similar to that of the discussion above.

After uploading 4.3.6 I have the extremely reactive reclaimed velocity.
I don’t want the ready -made baby food so let me find it between PILOT_Y_RATE and EXPO, ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX etc.
I find myself an ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX = 9213 (perhaps out of Autotune) but it’s really too fast

Did it not have to be slower low? Also I did not understand the difference between ACRO_Y_EXPO and PILOT_Y_EXPO

I also want to ask you if your spreadsheet is updated and if in case you can post it because maybe I have an old one

Thank you