Tlog - How To Access?

I am new Herelink user so please forgive me if this is a basic question but how do I access tlog files? I have placed a memory card in the ground end assuming tlogs would be written here but unfortunately not.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks, Jose.

Tlogs? Or .bin files? What are you looking for in the logs?

Hi Philip,
Needs to be the tlog. I have a seagull trigger that takes a photo every two seconds and I need to geotag. This method does not send a feedback to pixhawk so I can’t use MP - Control F - Geotag. I have a bespoke program that is able to geotag but needs the tlog file.
Thanks, Jose.

You can convert .bin in .log with mission planner

.log and .tlog are not the same

The method you are using is very inaccurate.

Does your camera have a hot shoe output? Best connect this to the cube and ist real logs.

Thanks for the feedback. Using Sony A7Rii with hotshoe connected to Seagull but doesn’t send feedback message to pixhawk.
I know my method using tlogs isn’t the most accurate but it’s good enough for my purpose (inspecting wind turbine blades whereI need to be able to locate any anomalies and do not need mapping accuracy).
I am still racking my head on how to access the tlogs… :

Did you find them meanwhile?

I have a similar issue - the tlog file was written by Mission Planner (connected via UDPCl to the Herelink hotspot) to a subfolder GENERIC/42 (not QUAD/1 as usual). When I replay it, I can hear the messages but there are no useful attitude/position etc. data. In the status tab, all values show 0.

When using another drone with standard telemetry connection (to a COM port on the PC), everthing is as expected.