Tmotor telemetry

Has anyone used the telemtry from the T-Motor Datalink V2 and their Alpha esc’s? T-Motor has zero documentation and support has only confirmed it works lol.

I’m in the same boat. Someone out there knows the secret.

Here is a video showing how to download their telemetry they posted a day or so ago.

The software and stuff is here.

The Datalink is fine for data collection but there has to be a way using the RPM feedback wire coming off the Alphas for feedback to the FC. For some reason nobody has an answer and T-Motor is of absolutely no help. I’d switch to a different ESC but unfortunately, they’ve made it near impossible to modify their arm kits.

I’m in the same situation. Bought the Datalink v2 after asking if it integrated with arducopter. They said it did but can offer no answers now about how lol!

That’s what they told me as well. haha All emails go unanswered. Fortunately, I’m moving away from T-Motor soon. Solves all the problems.